February 2022

February 2022

Best in Show
1st Open Section – Achromatic (D)
by Sue Pilatti

                    Colour Award
               by Sharon Stewart


Creative Award, 1st Interpretative –
“Cardboard Capers”
by Sue Pilatti

 1st Members Choice
by Debbie Jones

1st Novice -“Only One Flower”
by Bruni Prince

1st Novice – “From the Recycle Bin”
by Bruni Prince

 1st Intermediate – “Only One Flower”
by Celeste de Villiers

1st Intermediate -“From the Recycle Bin”
by Celeste de Villiers

           1st Senior “Only One Flower”
               by Maureen Young

1st Senior “From the Recycle Bin”
by Lucy Njoman

Demonstration Pieces by Denise Shelbourn and Jean Shine

Denise’s delicate interpretation of the
Traditional Hogarth Curve (D)

 Jean’s air-filled first example of 
“Sticks and Stones”

 A very different interpretation  of 

“Sticks and Stones” by Jean