Guidelines For Competing

At WAFAS monthly meetings:

Before the day
  • Read the show schedule document, both front and back.
  • Decide which sections you are eligible to enter and what design’s you wish to enter.
  • Check the allocated space. It is usual practice to occupy approx. 2/3 of this space.
  • Check the staging time allowed, the staging cut-off time and if you have allowed enough time to complete and stage your designs, (consider traffic, parking)
  • Check what steps you need to take to execute your designs – what do you do at home and what do you do in situ – have you allowed enough time to execute your designs well
  • Check if you have considered the Principles and Elements of design in your planning as this is the basis of all judging. Refer to pages 11-16 of the AFAA Manual
  • Ascertain if your flowers will be at the best ‘openness’ stage for your design
  • Condition the flowers and foliage as per the manual
  • Check planned transport for the design/s – will they fit in the car, do they need sandbag support, do you need to assemble on site
  • Do you know who to ask for help/advice on the day
On the day
  • Check in with the steward for design staging support if necessary
  • Perform the necessary check-in procedures for entering. (recording book/name cards).
  • If designing in situ, please use only your designated space
  • Final check:
    1. Is my design space debris free?
    2. Is my design staged (the way it is placed on the table) in a way that shows it off to its highest potential?

At Shows Outside of WAFAS:

As above plus:
  • Registration with the Show Secretary by the cut-off time as per their Show Schedule.
  • Check the show schedule, some designs may have to be completed entirely on site, others can be designed in their entirety at home and simply staged on the day.
  • Staging may not always be optimal (lighting, space allowed, etc.). Be prepared to adapt to a different environment.
  • Out of consideration for the event organisers, you absolutely must be available at the venue at the specified time to stage, and dismantle your exhibit/s. Should you not be available, please ensure that somebody else will collect your designs on your behalf and on correct time.

Helpful Hints:

  • Inspiration for design can come from almost anywhere, but please note your designs are to be original and your own work.
  • No aerosol spray painting is permitted in any venue or surrounds. If it necessary to touch up a part of your exhibit, consider using a texta, eyeshadow, a small pot of water-based paint, etc,
  • Out of respect for your fellow members, please do not photograph a design under construction.
  • Once completed, designs may only be moved by the designer or steward with designer’s permission.