March 2022

Best in Show
Colour Award, 1st Modern – Sculptural Abstract (D)
by Annette Hedges

st Creative Award 
by Celeste de Villiers

1st Members Choice 
by Sharon Stewart

1st Open – Vertical Line (D)
by Denise Shelbourn

1st Interpretative – “Bush Walk”
by Kay Robinson

1st Intermediate – “Sticks & Stones”
by Susanna Mackenzie

1st Senior – Hogarth Curve (D)
by Leanne McNally

1st Senior – “Sticks & Stones”
by Leanne McNally

Demonstration Pieces by Denise Shelbourn and Jeannette Hudson

The definition subject  Line on Line,
beautifully demonstrated by Denise

Jeannette’s first fun
effort of “Broken and Bent”
A second variation of “Broken and Bent”