May 2018

 Dual Best in Show

Equal 1st Intermediate – “Boxed and Beautiful”
by Leslie Parkin

Equal 1st Intermediate – “Boxed and Beautiful”
 Clifton Fong
Colour Award,
1st European Design – Parallel Decorative (D)
by Helen Bignell

 Creative Award,
1st Members Choice
by Eileen Wenn


1st Open Section – Vulcan (D)
by Helen Bignell

1st Interpretative – “Get Knotted”
by Helen Bignell

1st Novice – Crescent Line (D)
by Leanne McNally

1st Novice – “Boxed and Beautiful”
by Jennifer Staniforth


1st Intermediate – Crescent Line (D)
by Una Arnold

1st Senior – Crescent Line (D)
by Yuka Chalmers

1st Senior – “Boxed and Beautiful”
by Gigi Hesterman

Demonstration Pieces by Julia Lewis and Brenda King

An example of Art Nouveau (D) by Julia

Brenda’s first interpretation of “Mirror Image”

Another interpretation of “Mirror Image” by Brenda