June 2018

Best in Show

1st Interpretative “Decorated Shoe”
by Barbara Turner

olour Award 
by Pamela Heath


Creative Award
by Lesley Parkin


 1st European Design Styles – Parallel Graphic (D)
by Barbara Turner
 1st Open Section – Hogarth Line (D)
by Helen Bignell


1st Members Choice
by Debbie Jones

 1st Novice – Art Nouveau (D)
by Jennifer Staniforth
1st Novice – “Mirror Image”
by Leanne McNally
 1st Intermediate – Art Nouveau (D)
by Clifton Fong


 1st Intermediate – “Mirror Image”
by Lesley Parkin

1st Senior – Art Nouveau (D)
by Gigi Hesterman

 1st Senior – “Mirror Image”
by Gigi Hesterman

2018 Members Championship
“Distant Shores”

1st Barbara Turner



2nd – Helen Bignell

3rd – Lesley Parkin


“At Home” June Demonstration and Static Designs
of “Distant Shores”

from Julia Lewis, Jean Shine, Valerie Roy, Pene Brunning, Brenda King, Debbie Jones, Pamela Heath, Yuka Chalmers,
Anna Stokes and Nancy Dunlap

Julia’s visit to South Africa



Jean’s interpretation of her time in India



Val’s first design of her trips to France


Val’s more traditional French arrangements






Pene and her first impression of China



Pene’s second Chinese influenced design


 Brenda King
Debbie Jones


Pamela Heath


Yuka Chalmers


Anna Stokes


Nancy Dunlap




 Presentations to the Award Winner


Barbara Turner accepting the
Annual Creative Award from Betty Orr


Barbara Turner was the winner of the
 Members Championship