April 2018

Best in Show
1st Members Choice
 Jean Shine



Colour Award
by Debbie Jones

Creative Award
by Barbara Turner
1st European Design Style 
by Sue Pilatti

1st Open Section – Diad (D)
by Sue Pilatti

1st Interpretative – “In a Twist”
by Sue Pilatti

1st Novice – Tussie Mussie (D)
by Colleen Bonner


1st Novice – “Shapes and Spaces”
by Colleen Bonner

1st Intermediate – “Shapes and Spaces”
by Una Arnold

1st Senior – Tussie Mussie (D)
by Yuka Chalmers

1st Senior – “Shapes and Spaces”
by Julie Bolton

Demonstration Pieces by Eileen Wenn

ileen’s first Crescent Line (D)

nother Crescent Line (D)

A lovely interpretation of
“Boxed and Beautiful” by Eileen

A complex and stunning
“Boxed and Beautiful”