July 2022

Best in Show
1st Interpretative – “Indigenous”
by Yuka Chalmers



                             Colour Award
                         by Maurine Gulland


              Creative Award
               by Leonie Joss
  1st Modern- Sculpture (D)
      by Anna Stokes 

          1st Members Choice
        by Jane Merralls

       1st Open – Strauss Bouquet (D)                                by Val Roy


   1st Novice – “Warm Colours
        by Carol Smith



   1st Novice – “From A Another Country”
     by Elena Ermishina



   1st Intermediate – “From Another Country”
                   by Sijia Pung



       1st Intermediate – Warm Colours
         by Sijia Pung


                1st Senior – “Warm Colours”
      by Sharon Stewart

          1st – “From Another Country”
              by Maurine Gulland


Demonstration Pieces by Sue Pilatti and Annette Hedges

Sue’s beautifully skillful rendition
of European Structural Design (D)

                 Annette’s imaginative and colourful
                    interpretation of “Disco Diva”