July 2019

Best in Show
1st European Design Styles – Landscape Design (Vegetative) (D)
by Sue Pilatti

Colour Award 
by Eileen Wenn

Creative Award, 1st Interpretative – “Two Good Mates”
by Debbie Jones

1st Members Choice
by Yuka Chalmers

st Open Section  – Sculpture (D)
by Jeannette Hudson

1st Novice –  “Bark with Bite”
by Wilma Howard


st Novice – “Inspired byShape”
by Emma Manger

1st Intermediate – “Inspired by Shape”
by Patricia Stevens

1st Senior – “Bark with Bite”
by Maurine Gulland

1st Senior – “Inspired by Shape”
by Leanne McNally

DemonstrationPieces by Brenda King and Jean Shine

renda’s first interpretation of “Woven Magic”

Examples of woven flax

Another of Brenda’s interpretations of “Woven Magic”

Jean’s very detailed example
of Pave (D)

The first of Jean’s two interpretations
of “Woven Magic”

The second very different
“Woven Magic”

Detail of the top of Jean’s
second piece