September 2018

Best in Show

1st Interpretative – “Curly Whirly”,  Creative Award
by Debbie Jones


Colour Award
by Denise Shelbourn

1st Members Choice
by Jean Shine


1st Open – Paired Complementary (D)
by Debbie Jones

1st Novice “Basket Case”
by Patricia Stevens

 1st Intermediate – Decorative Parallel (D)

by Leanne McNally

1st Intermediate – “Basket Case”
by Jennifer Staniforth


1st Senior – Decorative Parallel (D)
by Lesley Parkin


 1st Senior – “Basket Case”
by Yuka Chalmers

Demonstration Pieces by Valerie Roy and Denise Shelbourn

alerie explained her methods in preparing this Collage(D) which she had created for the City of Stirling.



Denise’s first novel interpretation of
“All that Glitters”


A very dramatic, bold version of
“All that Glitters”


Denise’s final, more restrained example of
“All that Glitters”

held in the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre,  31st August, 1st & 2nd September 

1st Prize – Lesley Parkin

2nd Prize – Sue Pilatti3rd Prize – Jeannette Hudson
Denise Shelbourn

Aqualina Briggs

Anna Stokes