October 2018

Best in Show

Colour Award, Creative Award,1st Members Choice – 
by Yuka Chalmers

 1st  European Design Styles –  
European  Parallel Decorative  Design (D)

by Anna Stokes 

1st Interpretative – “Of Oriental Influence”
by Karen Harold
 1st Novice – Collage (D)
by Roseanne Van Boheemen 

1st Novice – “All That Glitters”
by Roseanne Van Boheemen 

1st Intermediate – Collage (D)
by Leanne McNally 
  1st Intermediate – “All That Glitters”
by Leanne McNally 


 1st Senior – Collage (D)
by Wendy Blackmore
1st Senior – “All That Glitters”
by Lesley Parkin 

 Demonstration Pieces by Lyn Fisher

Lyn”s very lovely  example of Modern Mass (D)


An aerial view of Lyn’s interpretation of “Variegations”