March 2017

Best in Show

 1st Open Section – Phoenix (D)
by Jean Shine

st Colour Award
– Interpretative “Fanfare”
by Lesley Parkin
1st Creative Award
– “Hanging by a Thread”
by Wendy Blackmore

1st Traditional Design
– Formal Bowl (D)
by Jane Merralls 


1st Members Choice
by Kay Robinson


st Interpretative “Fanfare”
by Sue Pilatti

1st Novice – Crescent Line
byYuko Maeda

1st Novice
– “Hanging by a Thread”
by Wilma Howard

1st Intermediate – Crescent Line (D)
by Gigi Hesterman


1st Intermediate
– “Hanging by a Thread”

by Gigi Hesterman

1st Senior – Crescent Line (D)
by Yuka Chalmers

1st Senior – “Hanging by a Thread”
by Yuka Chalmers

Demonstration Pieces by Jeannette Hudson

Jeannette’s first example
of Naturalistic (D)


A second version of Naturalistic (D)

Jeannette’s interpretation
of “Framed”

Another interpretation of “Framed”