Tess Passmore memories


Early in August 2012 and less than a month after her 90th Birthday, Tess welcomed me into her home in Gosnells where she cares for her husband, and has a lovely garden.

Tess remains an active member of various clubs including the Red Cross and the Hibiscus Society.

She recalled monthly meetings in the Methodist Mission Hall in Murray Street. An album of photographs and newspaper articles showed her significant involvement and contribution to WAFAS, particularly during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

A WAFAS Show Schedule 1962 identified Tess as President.

Tess said she had no particular favourite flower or floral art design, however when the Hogarth Curve ‘arrived’ she loved this ‘departure from the usual styles’ and very much enjoyed arranging this design.

She recalls many of the early members, including Evelyn Humphries, Jo & Harry Lodge, Rae Rankin, Ann Parker and the Fletcher sisters. She remembered Des Banwell as ‘a dynamic person’, a demonstrator and judge, and the Lead Role in WA Ballet Company’s “Nutcracker.”

Tess opened her home and welcomed members on a monthly basis, to mentor them in Floral Art in a relaxed, social setting. She regarded these occasions as being very important.

Tess keenly remembers the WAFAS Emerald Anniversary at Heathcote Gallery and attended Floral Rendezvous, including the Gala Dinner.

Many current members are her friends.


“ I got Dianne into Red Cross and it was the best thing I’ve done for Red Cross. In Floral Art she does
     beautiful work.”    

  “Julia – I love her style of work. She’s a lovely girl.”

Kay Robinson.
August 2012.