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Aims of WAFA

Management of WAFA

Member Associations of WAFA

Photographs from WAFA World shows


The World Association of Flower Arrangers (WAFA) is the recognised International body for Floral Art.   The Australian Floral Art Association Inc is affiliated to this association and as such the West Australian Floral Art Society Inc is affiliated to the World Association.


The World Association of Flower Arrangers was formed in 1981 and has grown to a membership of 30 organisations in 29 countries. Management of the Association is assigned to an elected country for a three year term. Members meet every three years for a World Floral Competition, General Assembly and associated events.

The aims of WAFA are

to promote the art of flower arranging throughout the world.
to reinforce the ties among member countries through regular exchange visits, publications, international seminars and flower shows.
to establish international standards for all flower arranging competitions


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The Management of the WORLD ASSOCIATION OF FLOWER ARRANGERS has been assigned to the following countries :


  1. 1981-1984 UNITED KINGDOM (Management, Seminar and World Show)
  2. 1984-1987 BELGIUM (Management, Seminar and World Show) 
  3. 1987-1990 FRANCE (Management, Seminar and World Show)
  4. 1990-1993 CANADA (Management, Seminar and World Show)
  5. 1993-1996 NEW ZEALAND (Management, Seminar and World Show)
  6. 1996-1999 SOUTH AFRICA (Management, Seminar and World Show)
  7. 1990-2002 UNITED KINGDOM (Management, Seminar and World Show)
  8. 2002-2005 JAPAN (Management, Seminar and World Show)
  9. 2005-2008 ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN (Management and Seminar - World Show cancelled)
  10. 2008-2011 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Management, Seminar and World Show)
  11. 2011-2014 Association of Irish Floral Artists (AOIFA) (Management, Seminar and World Show)




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To view photographs of designs staged at the last 2011 WAFA World Show Competiton  held in Boston USA please follow this link
The WAFA/Pakistan 2008 World show unfortunately had to be cancelled.
To view photographs of members designs staged at the 2005 WAFA World Show Competitions held in Yokohama Japan (Pakistan World Show Cancelled)  in April 2005 please follow this link:




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Member organisations of the World Association of Flower Arrangers as 2005

Country Association Joined WAFA
AFA/USA Assembly of Flower Arrangers, - United Sates of America  1987
Argentina Garden Club de Argentino  2002
Australia Australian Floral Art Association Inc 1981
Barbados Barbados Association of Flower Arrangers 1993
Belgium Belgium Flower Arrangement Society 1981
Bermuda The Garden Club of Bermuda 1981
Canada Garden Clubs of Ontario 1981
France Societe Nationale d'Horticulture de France 1981
Hong Kong Hong Kong Association of Flower Arrangement Societies  2002
India Pushpa Bitan Friendship Society 1990
Ireland   Current Management Association of Irish Floral Artists (AOIFA) 1981 Current Management
Italy Instituto Italiano Decorazione Floreale per Amatori 1981
Jamaica The Jamaica Floral Art Association 1981
Japan Nippon Flower Designers Association 1984
Kenya Kenya Floral Arrangement Club 1984
Korea Korea International Floral Arts & Crafts Development Association 1984
Malta The Malta Floral Club 1981
Mexico Federation De Mexicana Jardineria Y Arreglo Floral Art Club 1981
New Zealand Floral Art Society of New Zealand Inc 1981
Pakistan Karachi Floral Art Society of Pakistan  (Host Country) 1990
Peru Club De Jardines Del Peru 'Floralies' 2002
Russia International Creative Association of Flower Arrangement Clubs 'Artflora' 1996
South Africa South African Flower Union 1981
Switzerland The Swiss Association of Flower Arrangers 1987
The Netherlands Nederlandse Amateur Bloemschik Studieklub 1993
Trinidad & Tobago Flower Arranging Group of the Horticultural Society of Trinidad & Tobago 2002
United Kingdom National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS) 1981
United States of America Flower Arranging Study Group of the Garden Club of America (FASG)


Uruguay The Garden Clubs of Uruguay 1990

National Association of Garden Clubs of Zimbabwe



For further information and photographs pertaining to members being awarded prizes at the 8th World Flower Show In Yokohama Japan - please follow this link

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