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 This particular page pertains to information specific to the 8th World Flower Show held in Japan.. 



8th World Flower Competitions

staged in Yokohama Japan 


Participating Countries, Competitive Classes, Society Members receive Awards

Other Members Exhibits,  International Demonstrators, Photographs of Member Exhibits

Personal Reports re Construction of Exhibits


8th World Flower Competitions

staged in Yokohama Japan 

on the 27th & 28th April and open to the public from Friday the 29th April until Sunday the 1st May 2005.


'Sankenien Gardens'

 Yokohama Japan

japangardens.jpg (159024 bytes)

1st Place Class 19 - Dianne Buckles

2nd Place Class 12 - Julia Wates


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In April 2005 four members of the West Australian Floral Art Society travelled to compete at the World Association of Flower Arrangers 8th World Flower Arranging Competitions in Yokohama Japan. 


Members included President Dianne Buckles, Chairperson of the Judges Panel Eileen Wenn, Assistant Secretary Julia Wates and Committee member Joan Boorman.  Another five Floral Designers from around Australia also staged exhibits in this prestigious competition, which has been labelled the 'Olympiad' of Flower Arranging.


With floral designers travelling from all corners of the earth and representing countries such as Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Malta, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Sultanate of Oman, The Netherlands, Trinidad & Tobago, UK and the USA - a floral feast of diverse designs awaited fellow floral artists and admirers of this art form.  Entry to view these stunning exhibits was conducted over three days with crowds in excess of  50,000 attending this event and enjoying a stunning array of floral designs. 


Twenty four countries staged Honorary International Exhibits and another two countries were invited to also stage displays, many exceeding 1800mm in height.   Designers created a diverse range of exhibits - some using indigenous plant materials, while others depicted images representing their own countries.  The Nippon Flower Design (NFD) Branch Members also staged a huge exhibition of stunning designs. 


Twenty one competitive classes provided more than 580 floral designers with opportunities to showcase  their floral talents and included very large Floor Designs, Pedestal Designs, Designs Inspired by a Floral Picture, Exhibits to include Bamboo Fences, Exhibits to include Paper, Window Exhibits, Exhibits to include Woven Plant material, Exhibits featuring Branches, ‘Petite’ designs, Hanging Exhibits, Exhibits featuring a Mask, Table Designs (setting for two), Foliage Montage, 3 Impose Classes (Surprise Classes), Exhibits in the form  of a Hat, Exhibits in the form of a Decorated Box, Pictures using pressed flowers for children and Exhibits depicting Festivals. 


Two members of this Society

President Dianne Buckles and Assistant Secretary Julia Wates 

were awarded prizes for their exhibits at this event.


DIANNE BUCKLES received a 1ST PLACE for her exhibit staged in Class 19 titled 'MY TREASURE CHEST' (50 entries in this class).  This exhibit (in the form of a box to be decorated in dried and/or preserved plant material, width 300mm, depth 300mm, height 300mm) was created from thousands of very fine she-oak needles, each individually positioned and glued into place, with additional levels of the she-oak needles being added to provide contours and variety to the exhibit.  The chest was then painstakingly decorated using several varieties of fine eucalypt flower pods, she-oak seeds and needles.  Also encased in Dianne's 'Treasure Chest' were a variety of  'jewelled pieces' including, earrings, broaches, pendants, rings, hair clips etc which she had hand crafted from horticultural materials. To read Dianne's 'Personal Report' on how she created her exhibit please follow this link.


JULIA WATES received a 2ND PLACE for her exhibit staged in Class 12 titled 'BLOWIN' IN THE WIND' (30 entries in this class)Julia's 'Hanging Exhibit' (no floor placement and to be staged in a width of 900mm, depth of 900mm, and height of 2000mm) was constructed from metres of rope which she entwined around strong wire forming the shape of a large branch.  On the side branches of her exhibit she then delicately placed a variety of different forms of eucalypt leaves representing a branch 'Blowing in the Wind' which was suspended from a hook on an overhead gantry position 2100mm from the floor.  A wonderfully creative design.  To read Julia's 'Personal Report' on how she created her exhibit please follow this link.




EILEEN WENN staged a stunning 3 tiered design in Class 1 titled 'HARMONY', an exhibit of unlimited height and to be staged in a space of 1200mm diameter and viewed and judged all round.  Eileen used subtle colours of cream, white and green.  The horticultural materials included in this exhibit were Roses, Liliums, Carnations, Sun Flower centres, dried 'Tractor Seat' leaves, Sedums, Fatsia leaves, Aspidistra leaves, Ivy and stunning 'wobbly wood' sourced from Indonesia.  This exquisite design together with the other 20 exhibits created much interest and admiration from the viewing public.  

Our other society member JOAN BOORMAN (who is 84 years young) exhibited in Class 17 which was an Impose Class titled 'JACK IN THE BOX'.  Joan and others in this class were supplied with large bamboo pieces and fine delicate materials to create designs reflecting this title.  Although all competitors were supplied with the same materials a vast array of designs were created in this class of 25 entries.  




Other floral artists who competed from around Australia included Lynnette Brown in Class 9 'Woven' (an exhibit to include woven plant material), Marie Lenon in Class 12 'Blowin' in the Wind', Marilyn Carle in Class 14 'For Our Anniversary' (table setting for two), Norma Gordon and Cheryl Wynd in the Impose Class16 'Jack in the Box'.  


Congratulations to all of the Australian floral designers 

who staged exhibits at this prestigious World event.


The Patron of the 8th World Flower Show 'Harmony' was HIH Princess Hitachi who attended and officially opened this event and spent a considerable time viewing the floral exhibits. 


Floral Artists were also treated to wonderful International Demonstrations provided by Gail Emmons from the USA, Carla Barbaglia from Italy, Liudmila Korchagina from Russia, Shahimah Sayeed from Pakistan and Toru Kawai from Japan.  

  1. Gail Emmons exhibit was lowered from above and featured two horizontal 3600mm placements of bamboo, with 1 structure incorporating large Anthiriums and leaves which were both linked with a 'lasso'.

  2. Carla Barbaglia created a stunning exhibit representing a 'Butterfly' and while constructing her design the audience was treated to music from 'Madam Butterfly'.  As Carla completed her horticultural butterfly a large circle representing the sun was lowered down to meet her 'Butterfly'.

  3. Russian floral designer Liudmila Korchangina constructed a large exhibit using techniques such as paving and grouping.  Large balls of flowers were attached to her structure and another circular design was lowered to meet with this design.

  4. Shahimah Sayeed who is now the WAFA Pakistan Management Committee President (2005-2008)  created a stunning design of lush plant materials on stage, which was later incorporated into her huge design which was wheeled on stage and another very large design was lowered providing a wonderful display.  The final exhibit was approximately 3600mm tall.

  5. The final International demonstrator was Toru Kawai from Japan whose large design took centre stage and included large bamboo, large Pine and Azalea Branches and contoured wood.   Toru Kawai skilfully added additional plant materials creating a stunning centrepiece.  Later a huge Japanese screen was wheeled on stage featuring a gold design and was the perfect backdrop to his stunning exhibit. 


Apart from the wonderful International Demonstrations, awarded winning Floral Designer Gregor Lersch also provided a stunning Demonstration and National Demonstrations, Lectures on "Japanese Gardens" and "Japonism and Modern Art" were also conducted to ensure floral artists were well entertained throughout this event.


Congratulations to the Ayako Nakamura (WAFA Japan President) and the WAFA Japan Management Committee, who for the last three years have worked to ensure this event was such a success.  In Ayako's 'Presidents Address' she wrote that a particular kanji character represented not only Japan, but a presence of calm mind, or peace as well and was hoping that the WAFA members can get together to appreciate each other's flower culture, promote exchanges among countries, deepen friendships, and leave with many fond memories of Yokohama.  From those who attended this event and had reflected on Ayako's words - everyone agreed this had been a truly wonderful experience - where the love of flowers and flower arranging had brought together hundreds of floral designers from different countries, backgrounds and cultures who enjoyed the opportunity to share their knowledge and exchange ideas - and together had worked to promote this wonderful art form and 'Friendship Through Flowers'.    


We extend our best wishes to Shahimah Sayeed (President WAFA Pakistan 2005-2008) and look forward to renewing friendships and flowers at the 9th World Flower Show to be held in Pakistan in 2008.



'Sankenien Gardens'

 Yokohama Japan

japangardens2.jpg (120736 bytes)





Class 19

FIRST  PLACE    -   DIANNE BUCKLES   -   My Treasure Chest

1st Place exhibit    (Side, top & back  view)  


  WAFA 8th World Show Japan - 1st place Class 19  WAFA 8th World Show Japan - 1st place Class 19  WAFA 8th World Show Japan - 1st place Class 19    Horticultural Jewellery created for Dianne's Treasure Chest

Other pieces of Horticultural Jewellery created for

'My Treasure Chest' (but not used)

To view further 'Personal Reports' from Dianne & Julia please follow this link

Class 12

SECOND  PLACE    -   JULIA WATES   -   Blowin' in the Wind

2nd Place exhibit

WAFA 8th World Show Japan - 2nd Place Class 12     WAFA 8th World Show Japan - 2nd Place Class 12

Julia Wates with her 2nd Place exhibit  - (surprised!) 

To view further 'Personal Reports' from Dianne & Julia please follow this link


Other Designs staged by Society members 

and Floral Designers from around Australia

Class 1


Designed by Eileen Wenn

   Eileen Wenn - Class 1 'HARMONY'

Class 17 - Impose Class

'Jack in the Box (B)'

Designed by Joan Boorman

'Impose Class' - 'Jack in the Box' designed by Joan Boorman

Class 1 - 'Harmony'

Eileen Wenn and her design with Dianne, Joan, Pauline 

and our Japanese Friends

Eileen, Dianne & Joan (Western Australia) with Japanese Friends

Class 19 - 'My Treasure Chest'

Dianne Buckles and her design with Eileen, Joan, Pauline 

and our Japanese Friends

Dianne, Eileen  & Joan (Western Australia) with Japanese Friends



The following photos have been submitted by 

Dianne Buckles and Eileen Wenn as their 'Picture Perfect' mementos of Japan

Dianne's 'Favourite Postcard Picture from Japan

 Dianne contemplating in Japan

Eileen's Favourite

Eileen finds her perfect 'Harmony'



To view further 'Personal Reports' from Dianne & Julia please follow this link



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