November 2016

Best in Show

Colour Award, Creative Award and 1st Open Section - New Wave (D)
by Sue Pilatti

1st Minimal Material/Maximum Impact
by Pene Brunning

1st Members Choice

by Jeannette Hudson

1st Interpretative - "Luxurious" 
by Mary Kanair

1st Intermediate - Split Complementary
Colour Scheme (D)
by Gigi Hesterman
 1st Intermediate "Vertical Display"
by Gigi Hesterman

1st Senior - Split Complementary
Colour Scheme (D)
by Karen Harold
1st Senior "Vertical Display"
by Julie Raymond 

Demonstration Pieces by Denise Shelbourn and Sharon Cunningham


Denise's three Interpretative pieces of "Christmas"; firstly "Natural Weaving" to form Christmas Trees, a low Christmas Design and an Ikebana Design.


Sharon's subject was a Buffet Table Design (D), a cheery, possibly breakfast decoration. Sharon's second piece was an interpretation of "Christmas".