March 2021


Best in Show

1st Open Section - Hogarth Curve Massed Line (D), Colour Award
by Lesley Parkin

1st Interpretative - "Stuctural Directions",  Creative Award
by Barbara Turner

1st Moderns - Basic Modern
by Brenda King

1st Members Choice
by Valerie Roy

 1st Novice - Split Complementary (D)
by Nilda Bodenstedt


 1st Novice - "Go With the Flow"
by Lee-Ann Touyz

1st Intermediate - Split Complementary (D)
by Angela Tew


1st Intermediate - "Go With the Flow"

by Sharon Stewart


1st Senior - Split Complementary (D)
by Maureen Young


 1st Senior - "Go With the Flow"

by Leanne McNally


Demonstration Pieces by Jean Shine and Jan Steele

Jean's lush interpretation
of Vegetative Parallel (D)
A delicate version
of Vegetative Parallel (D)

A lovely presentation
of "Rustic" by Jan