March 2018

Best in Show
1st European Design Styles - Italian Layered Design : Vertical (D)
by Barbara Turner

Colour Award
by Debbie Jones

reative Award

by Sue Pilatti
1st Members Choice
by Karen Harold
1st Open Section - Grecian (D)
by Sharon Cunningham
1st Interpretative - "Earth Tones"
by Jean Shine
1st Novice - "Two Containers"
by Patricia Stevens 

st Intermediate - "Two Containers"

by Una Arnold

st Senior - Freestyle (D)

by Julie Raymond

1st Senior - "Two Containers"
by Julie Raymond

Demonstration Pieces by Pene Brunning

  Pene's first of four Tussie-Mussies (D) A purely herbal Tussie-Mussie (D) A Tussie-Mussie (D) with doily A simple, single flowered Tussie-Mussie (D)
in a Victorian container and stand

Pene's very interesting interpretation of 
"Shapes and Spaces"