July 2017

Best in Show

1st Interpretative - "Dramatically Styled
by Claire Robins

  Colour Award, 1st Intermediate - "Using an Ugly Container"
by Gigi Hesterman
Creative Award, 1st Intermediate - "From the Shed"
by Lesley Parkin
1st Traditional - Asymmetrical Triangle (D)
by Eileen Wenn

 1st Members Choice

by Denise Shelbourn

1st Open Section - Vegatative Wreath (D)
by Debbie Jones

1st Novice -  "Using an Ugly Container"
by Clifton Fong

1st Novice - "From the Shed"

by Wilma Howard 

  1st Senior - "Using an Ugly Container"
by Barbara Turner

1st Senior - "From the Shed"
by Karen Harold

Demonstration Pieces by Sharon Cunningham and Denise Shelbourn



Denise's interpretation of "Gardener's Delight"
as a rustic bouquet.

Another of Denise's "gardener's Delight"

A third interpretation of "Gardener's Delight"
Sharon's two, Wired Prayer Book Sprays (D)

Detail of the first spray

 The second example of the wired spray.